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Hello, welcome to my personal page. My name is J. Peter Fitzgerald. I know, using one’s first initial looks a bit pretentious – or, perhaps, indicates an attempt to hide something really embarrassing like Juniferous or Jasperini. Fortunately, the J stands for the perfectly ordinary name of Joseph, which I inherited from my grandfather who was Joseph Peter. This was also the name of my grandfather’s son, my Uncle Joe.


I have been Peter all my life and I like the name. But it has led to some awkward exchanges when I am asked my name by someone in authority, like a petty bureaucrat or a policeman, and I pause ever so slightly, giving the impression that I am being evasive and perhaps deserving of closer scrutiny.

My biographical info will be of very little interest to you. Briefly, I ran away to join the Navy (the circus turned me down), attended, hit or miss, a string of colleges, never quite accumulating enough credits to graduate, and entered, finally, into a life of cutting grass and paying bills.

In a stroke of pure luck, I got married to a feisty woman with the melodious name of Anacleta, a native of the Philippines, a gourmet cook, a financial wizard, and, I must say, a woman who is very nice to look at. It is she who steers the family bus while I fritter away my time on flights of rhetorical fancy.

We are a bi-continental couple, spending half the year in the woods of Maine and the other half in a tiny Philippine barrio in northern Luzon, barely large enough to appear on Google Earth. It is in this tropical hideaway that I find time to write. My Sweetie is kind enough to excuse me from most spousal duties that I regularly neglect anyway.

Since my first exposure to the Philippines in 1993, I have kept a journal of our life in the barrio, interesting episodes of which I shamelessly inflate beyond recognition and post on this site for the benefit of those of you who don’t have any better reading material available. Perhaps you are in prison or live in West Virginia.


This website was born in 2013 when a couple of my few remaining friends, perhaps condescendingly, complimented my writing and suggested I start a blog, Yes, I am well aware that the screeching, tone-deaf losing contestants on American Idol (the early rejects that we find so pathetic) were, at some point in their lives, encouraged by their friends who probably told them, “You have talent. You should go public.” An inflated ego doesn’t need any more encouragement than that, so here I am.


If you’re still here, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to browse the site. There’s a lot of stuff here.   I try to put together a new pack of lies every week, and Manong Pedro posts his advice column every once and a while. There’s a page of photos taken in and around our little barrio and links that will take you to Amazon where you can find my books for sale.


And, of course, as a bloke who holds himself in unseemly high regard, I am always happy to get feedback from readers and visitors like you.




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  1. I enjoyed reading your “About me” . You show a humerus side I can identify with wholeheartedly Of course, I will check out your book.
    On another note, I made contact last night with another person living in the Phillippines; her name is Mary Kate Collins, and she is going to read one of my novels and report back to me. Just as an aside, I met her on facebook and was wondering if she might be a neighbor you should get to know. You know, friends in the same place, getting to know one another.
    Talk to you soon. Don Montano

    • Peter Peter says:

      Don –

      It was good to hear from you again. Of course there are close to 100 million people living in the Philippines. As far as I know, there are no Americans within fifty miles of where we live. There is one Brit about an hour away otherwise It’s just me trying to maintain a Western presence.
      I checked out the “Look Inside” feature of your books on Amazon. I don’t usually read westerns, but I like your style – and I see you have some encouraging reviews. As you probably know, I am a new author, still trying to get my feet under me, with only two books. I’m working on a novel, but it seems like a pretty steep hill to climb.

  2. HALFORD E. JONES says:

    You are certainly not pompous and have a great sense of humor and you have led an interesting life thus far…and I gatehre that yo do not ‘preach old age’ as so many tend ot do when they hit 49 or so. I am approaching 80 this year and have not intentions of gettin gon a soap box to complain of aches and pains and otehr ilsl that seem to overtake the younger sets….Have a g reat day and keep up the good work.

    • Peter Peter says:

      Thanks Hal –

      I wish you a early Happy Birthday.

      I agree with you, what’s the point in complaining about old age? Besides, who am I going to complain to? My Sweetie’s not that sympathetic.


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