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  1. Cal says:

    As we approach perhaps one of the most important elections in history, it really distress’s me to see the support for “The Burn”.. The young people have been hoodwinked brainwashed into believing that this man will give them a free pass to a better life..??? Solcialism has failed miserably throughout history..
    It also disheartening to see the Repulican party dismantle themselves in little bits.. I myself have not made my mind up and within the next few hours I will go to caucus for a candidate.. Regardless of whom I wish for to reign as President.. Any of the candidates on the Repulican ticket is by far more eligible than a Socialist, or a bold face liar..??? Just sayin…!!! Love your commentary and stories Pete…

    • Peter Peter says:

      Hi Cal

      I agree with you about Sanders. I can’t blame the young people, who are naturally idealistic. And, of course, they’ve been “educated” to believe that socialistic nonsense. We’ve lost a whole generation of kids who have been indoctrinated into thinking that anything that’s wrong in the world must be America’s fault. I will give Sanders credit for saying what he believes, unlike most politicians – especially his Democrat opponent.
      I think you’re right about the possible self-immolation of the Republican party. This would have been a good test to see if conservatism still sells with the general electorate (I have doubts). Instead, we have a buffoon who has become, with media help, the face of the party. I don’t see anything good coming out of this.

      • Anonymous says:

        Very well said Pete, it amazes me to watch countries like Greece, France, Germany fall like a ton of bricks, before our very eyes.. Even sadder to watch our country follow in line?. Even worse to see how desperate people are becoming in those countries now trying to pull out of the quagmire.. And no one watching it.. progressives concentrating more on the next playoff game, without any knowledge of the demise of the very fabric of our being.. Then stupidly standing up of the very policies that are stripping away their very safety, economics, and freedoms.. Defending the the very same ones leading them to slaughter.. Just blows my mind..

        • Peter Peter says:

          Anon – thanks for your comments.
          Sadly, a plurality of Americans have come to expect that government is the answer to every problem. Democrats have convinced a plurality of the people that facts, data, and history can be manipulated (lied about) to fit the progressive narrative. Someone once said that when a liberal notices that the real world does not match the vision in his head, he believes it is the real world that is wrong.
          Democrats promise to protect people from every possible problem and insult, and to save them from their own poor decisions. The conservative sell is much harder. We tell people to grow up and take responsibility for yourselves. I’m afraid the “save me” crowd has reached critical mass.
          This is not a welcome message for people educated in public schools.


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