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Available on Amazon now

Pluck a curious American out of his familiar surroundings and plunk him down in a rural farming barrio in a third world country. Give him a computer and a lot of free time. Immerse him in a bewildering culture, pummel him with a strange and unfamiliar language, befuddle him with intricate social rules, equip him with an unrestrained ironic wit, and turn him loose on the reading public with a book describing his slightly off-center view of the world. The result is “My Philippine Adventures: Hazy, Hot and Humorous,” an unrestrained tumble through the thickets of Philippine culture, an as-it-happened account of one man’s adjustment to, and eventual acceptance of, life in a tropical backwater that he only half jokingly refers to as Paradise.


Now comes the second installment. New in 2015, another lopsided view of a humble Philippine barrio in the northern boonies of the island of Luzon, as seen from the hammock of a transplanted American up to his ears in an alien culture. “Flip Flops and Girly Beer: Life in a Philippine Barrio” is a romp through the customs and superstitions, the dangers and the delights of life in rice country, on the banks of the Abulug River, far from the conveniences of the city.





“Does My Shirt Smell Funny?” is an ironic, slightly off-center, view of two radically different cultures (Maine and Philippines), presented as a series of vignettes, ninety percent humor and ten percent philosophy, with subjects as varied as how to trap a skunk, how to deal with bad karaoke, and the existential importance of peanut butter. (403 pages)

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6 Responses

  1. Stephen Reeser says:

    Enjoyed your Flip Flops book. My Filipina wife and I live in Cavite. Please sign me up for myphilippinechronicles articles. Thank you, Steve

    • Peter Peter says:

      Hi Stephen –

      Thanks for your note. I’ll put you on the list. I try to send out a new post every Friday afternoon (EST). You might know that I also have a weekly post on

      I appreciate you reading Flip Flops, I hope you enjoyed it. You might also like “My Philippine Adventures” which is currently on sale on Amazon

  2. bob says:

    mr. fitzgerald:

    just read “Getting There is Half the Fun” and you just have me laughing. am filipino and live in a barrio in a province not too far from your cagayan. stumbled (and bought) your “my philippine adventures” book. so, when is the paper version of “Flip Flops and Girly Beers”? while not exactly “bicontinental” like you and your Sweetie, i’ve been been going back annually to california the past 5 years after deciding to return and reside permanently in my home country. am out in the boondooks and getting your book here where i reside will be more challenging that when you yourself need something and have to travel to the city…and what you need is not there or would be something that will break the first time you try to use it…if it would work at all (i think you wrote something to that effect). anyway, i will be in california 9/15 thru 11/30…hoping the paperback will be available soon. kind regards to you and your Sweetie.

    • Peter Peter says:

      Hello –
      Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it very much.
      Living a bicontinental life is a challenge, but my Sweetie and I really enjoy the two different cultures. We’re excited again to be returning soon to our little Paradise in the Cagayan Valley.
      “Flip Flops and Girly Beer” is available in paperback at Amazon

      Happy trip.


  3. gerry says:

    Enjoyed both your books. Is there going to be a third

    • Peter Peter says:

      Gerry –

      Thank you very much. I do appreciate it.
      I’m working on a novel at the moment, but it’s not going well.
      There may be another “Adventures in Paradise” book coming.

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